Methods of Adding and Writing-off Inventory Items

This section overviews all methods of adding and writing-off inventory items.

Adding Inventory Items

In a general case, to replenish stock with inventory items, you should perform the following steps:

  1. If an item does not exist in YumaPOS stock list, add new inventory item to the stock list (see “Adding New Inventory Items” in Managing Inventory Items).
  2. Replenish your stock at certain location with newly added inventory item.
    NOTE: This step depends on the method used to replenish the stock.

There are several ways to replenish stock with new inventory items:

Writing-off Inventory Items

There are several ways to write-off inventory items:

  • Returning inventory items to the vendor (see Acts of Return);
  • Transfering inventory items from one location to another location (see Acts of Transfer);
  • A direct writing-off inventory items (for example, you can write-off some items because of a spoilage). For more information, see Write-off Acts.
  • Sale of menu items with active¬†recipes. For more information, see “The Write off Tab” in Acts of Sale).


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