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View a List of Purchase Orders

To view a list of existing purchase orders

  1. In the left pane of Back Office Management console, expand the Documents node, and click Purchase Orders.
    This displays a list of existing purchase orders similar to the following screen:

    This page defines the following elements:
    • Make Order: creates new purchase order
    • Duplicate: clones a purchase order
    • Delete: delete selected purchase orders
    • Filter: filters the list of orders using specified criteria.
  2. To view or edit details on existing order, click a link in the PO# column (see “View and Edit Existing Order” later in this topic).

Filter the List

You can have the list to display only orders that match your specific criteria. 

To filter the orders list

  1. Click Filter.
    This opens the Filters form:
  2. Specify the filter criteria, such as the order status, vendor, location, etc.
  3. Click Filter to apply the filter or Clear to reset your settings.

View and Edit an Existing Order

To view details of a purchase order, open a list of orders (see View a list of Purchase Orders), and then click an appropriate link in the PO# column. Back Office displays a tabbed page similar to the screens later in this section.  To start working with the order, navigate to the tab of interest.

PO Details tab: displays a list of the ordered inventory items.

This tab defines the following elements:

  • Edit Order: click to start editing this order
  • Change Status: allows you to change the order status. Possible statuses: New, Sent, Partially Completed, Fully Completed, and Void
  • Receiving: click to receive ordered inventory items. For details, see Stocks Deliveries and Returns.

Receiving Items tab: displays details on items that have been received according to this order.

 Receiving Details tab: displays details on each delivery (receiving) of items.

To view details on a receiving, click its title in the Item Name column. You can also update, return or delete the selected receiving record using the bottom menu bar (Update, Return, and Delete buttons).

Status History tab: displays the history information on changes of the order status.

Make New Order

This section helps you create a purchase order, based on which you can have delivery of your stock later on.

To make new order

  1. Open a list of orders (see View a list of Purchase Orders).
  2. Click Make Order, and complete the Add Order form.

To clarify these steps, consider the following form that creates an order of chicken products:

TIP: To cause the form to display only items of interest, start typing the item name in the Search text box.

To complete this order, do the following:

  1. Add items to the order using the  icon.
  2. Specify the delivery information in the Vendor, Location, and delivery date fields, respectively.
  3. Specify the purchase information for each item in the Qty (quantity) and Cost fields, respectively.
  4. Click Save.

Duplicate an Order

To facilitate creation of new purchase order, you can clone an existing base order, and then make appropriate changes to the cloned order.

To duplicate an order

  1. Open a list of orders (see View a list of Purchase Orders).
  2. From the list, select a base order, and click Duplicate.
    This opens the Add Order form.
  3. Complete the Add Order form (see Make New Order).

Delete Orders

Optionally, you can delete orders from the list.

To delete orders

  1. Open a list of orders (see View a list of Purchase Orders).
  2. From the list, select order(s) to delete.
  3. Click Delete.

NOTE: This operation permanently deletes selected orders from the orders history.

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