Production Acts let you document receiving inventory items that have been made according to their recipes. For example, the cold kitchen cooks a salad, and the salad ingredients are written-off according to Production Act.

This topic helps you create new Production Act.

Create New Production Act

To create new Production Act

  1. In the left pane of the Back Office Management console, click the Documents node, and then click Journal.
    This opens Journal of documents.
  2. On the upper menu bar, click Production.
    This opens the Production Act form similar to the following screenshot:
  3. From the Production Shop list, select a production shop where to produce inventory items.
    NOTE: Each production shop is linked to a location. The location name is displayed in the read-only field Location
    IMPORTANT: Ensure that this location contains all ingredients required for production process according to the production item recipe
  4. To store produced inventory items into one location, select the All to one location checkbox, and then select that location from the Location list. 
  5. To add new production item, do the following:
    • In the Item Name column, start entering the production item name, and then select that item from the provided list.
      IMPORTANT: You can select only items, which have active recipe.
    • In the Qty column, specify an amount of the production item.
    • In the Expiration Date column, optionally, specify the expiration date for production item.
    • If you left the All to one location checkbox cleared, in the Location column, specify a location for each production item.
  6. Click Save (to save this Act without applying changes) or Save and Apply (to save this Act and apply changes).

Description of the Production Act Form

A sample Production Act is shown earlier in this topic. This form includes the upper and lower panes:

  • The upper pane displays a detailed list of production items.
  • The lower pane Consumables displays a list of ingredients required for this production process. This list displays amount of ingredients required to fulfil this production process, and a cost of each ingredient.

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