About Loyalty Programs

customer loyalty program is a rewards program offered by your company to customers who frequently make purchases. A loyalty program may give a customer free merchandise, rewards, loyalty points, and more.

Types of Loyalty Programs

Customer Loyalty Programs take a lot of different forms. YumaPOS supports several types of Customer Loyalty programs. 

This section helps you configure loyalty programs for various categories of your customers.

Point Program

The point program is  based on one simple principle: “spend more to get more.” Every time a customer participates in a promotional campaign, they get a certain amount of loyalty points depending on the size of their purchase. These points are translated into some type of reward. For example, a customer can pay their order using these points.

YumaPOS Back Office lets you add points to customers and limit the use of loyalty points.

How to Add Points to Customers

In YumaPOS, customers may get loyalty points in the following ways:

  • Welcome points: after registering new customer, they automatically earn so called “welcome points.” The most obvious advantage of giving welcome points is to create an incentive to join your program.
    TIP: You can define the Welcome points in the system settings, in the Start up points text box:

  • Participation in promotional campaigns: customers may earn points each time they order menu items to which a promotional campaign applies. Rewarding your customers with points is the best way to establish and maintain their loyalty.
    TIP: For information on how to configure promotional campaigns, see Promotional Campaigns
  • You can manually add loyalty points to any customer on the General tab of the customer profile:

    TIP: To add loyalty points, in the General tab, click Change Points, and then specify an amount of points to add in the Add Points dialog box that opens:

    In the Points text box, specify an amount of points to add. Optionally, for newly added points, you can set the period of validity using the Set start date and Set expiration date elements.  This example illustrates how to add 300 points that can be used from January 28 to March 1st.

    For information on how to open the customer profile, see “Access the Customer Profiles” in Customers List.

How to Limit the Use of Loyalty Points

You can limit the use of points for selected customer groups.

For example, you can specify a maximum amount of points the group members can use for a day or for a week. The following screen illustrates how to set the daily limit of use to 150 points:

For more information, refer to Customer Groups

Tiered Program

The tiered program is based on levels of loyalty. The more points the customers receive, the higher loyalty level they will reach. And the higher the level, the more rewards they will get.

For example, you can create a target auto-filled customer group that includes customers with certain amount of points, and then create a promotional campaign for that target group.

Example of Tiered Program

To clarify the use of the tiered loyalty programs, consider the following example. 

You have created three auto-filled customer groups:

  • Group1000: includes customers that have from 1000 to 1999 points.
    TIP: To create this group, in the Add Customer Group form, specify the points limits in Total Points as shown in the following screen:

    For more information on how to create auto-filled groups, see Customer Groups.
  • Group2000: includes customers that have from 2000 to 2999 points.
  • Group3000+: includes customers that have over 3000 points.

After this, you can create three promotional campaigns that have the above mentioned groups as target groups:

  • Promo5: 5% discount for Group1000
  • Promo10: 10% discount for Group2000
  • Promo15: 15% discount for Group3000+

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