Before adding a menu item to a customer order, you should first find that item. This topic explains how to search the items list for items to add to a customer order. 

Search for Menu Items

The Order screen displays the items categories available in selected store. If you tap a category, POS Terminal displays items of that category:

Alternately, to find an item of interest, you can start typing-in the item name in the Search item text box; POS Terminal displays all items that match your search key:

Add Items to Order

To add an item to order

  1. Tap an item of interest.
    This adds the item to the sales slip on the left hand side of the screen:
  2. If the item has relative modifiers, POS Terminal automatically prompts you to choose modifiers (for details, see How to pay an Item, which Has Assigned Modifiers).
  3. To make any changes to this item, tap it to display the item modification menu:
  4. Use the modification menu items to make the following changes:
    •  – removes this item from the order;
    •  – allows you to apply discounts to this item;
    •  – tap to choose general modifiers for this item, if any.
    • The plus and minus icons let you change the item quantity.
  5. After adding all items to the customer order, tap Start to send the order to the kitchen, or Checkout to open the order payment page (see Pay Order).

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